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  • Rules Councils / Race Leader
  • Games Rules
  • Chip War Rules
• All Council Must Join Minimal 2 Time War Everyday

• Change Council only Possible Every 3 Days

• Race Leader is entitled to appoint a new board to replace an inactive council

• Prohibited to promote Other RF in MYSTICS Game .

Penalty: Baned Permanent

• Prohibited from using any bug .

Penalty: Banned 7 Days, If do again = Permanent .

• Prohibited from using illegal programs / software (3rd party) in the game.

Penalty: Baned Permanent + Block IP Address

• Prohibited Provocator in game.

Penalty: Baned Permanent

• Insults and threats to GM / in the name of GM.

Penalty: Baned Permanent

• The winner of war is obliged to attack 2 nations
Semua yang berhubungan dengan perbaikan / FIX akan di info disini